When we started our local web design seo services business in the late 90’s, having a local website was optional. Now it is essential, if you want to bring new customers into your business consistently and retain those customers that you already have. Our focus is to build you an affordable website, which will make you money.

Web Design

Websites we create are easy for you to maintain and update. All of our websites come with video tutoring and written steps for how to do everything, any questions you have we’re only a phone call away.

Local Web Design Packages – all of our design packages are built using WordPress as the platform. All of our packages can be upgraded as your business grows. The packages include at least a year of web hosting.

Domain name, hosting, personalized pages, social media and much more.

Packages start at $249 – complete details can be found here.

Marketing – SEO, PPC, Local

We believe the primary purpose of any website is to bring in new customers, and let current customers know what is going on, so they can buy more of what you’re selling. We have social, SEO, and local marketing plans that are focused on customers where you do business. Unless you’re delivering pizzas to locations hundreds of miles away, it is very important to target your local marketing (all forms) locally. We have several programs (long and short term) focused on bringing you more money than you spend. That is our goal and always has been. You can find those programs explained in more detail here.

We love to teach. We are working on building a complete Do It Yourself (DIY) section of our website. You can find it here. In the months ahead we plan on teaching you how to do a variety of things (social media, design, and marketing), why would we just give it away. We’ve found that when you provide useful content that makes people money, they are much more likely to spend money with you.

Our greatest joy is when one of our clients, sales their business, or has to expand, add more employees, take an early retirement, all of those things have happened to customers we’ve helped. We would love it if you became our next success story.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send us a note. You can email us, message us on facebook or Google Plus.

Local Web Design and Marketing

Local Web Design and Marketing