Charity and your local business.

charityToday is #givingtuesday, but here is the deal… your local business can and should be giving all year long. Today we have some tips for you, and on Friday we’ll be doing a “live” recorded video of us doing a Facebook ad for one of our local businesses. We’ll be using this as a teaching tool for you. I hope you enjoy it, here are some tips.

Five reasons why you should support a charity (or charities).

My favorite…Giving Back is Good for You!

From Forbes –

  • Make something specific for the cause.
  • Give a piece of something you already sell. We’ve done this. A percentage of some item we sell / service we provide will be donated to a specific charity.
  • Leverage your relationships.

 Charity Marketing – some good ideas.

What happens if you need to run a charity for someone / something – here are some ideas that could help you out.

Enjoy your day and we’ll see you on Friday!

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