Coming this month – Facebook tracking and Analytics

Facebook Ad tracking

Facebook Ad tracking

Happy Monday. I hope it has been productive, mine has been. Been a long one but they tend to get long before the holidays. A couple of notes we’ll be posting a couple of times this week (this is one), and then taking some time off to enjoy Christmas and New Years with my family, I hope you’re spending time with your loved ones too!

The other thing is we’re knee deep in some training this week – we’re always learning. We’ve been taking some notes and when we have digested things and make it presentable, we’ll prepare you some tips to help you grow your business. If I don’t get it done this week, I’ll post it to you when it’s finished (and that could be next week).

Last week we did a video about putting some local advertising on Facebook. So how did you do? I hope you did it, if not here is the link again –

The important part about of any advertising is making money from it. You don’t want to throw money and not expect money in return. In the video you’ll see how Facebook is doing in sending traffic to your site.

As always, please don’t hesitate to send us a note, and you can leave a comment.

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