Connect Your Social Media – How to connect YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Google +

Tweaking your Social Media (getting more followers and friends)

We’ve talked about creating your social media sites, not it’s time to link everything together.

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Linking Social Media

Linking Social Media

Linking your social media sites together.

When we do this it serves a number of different goals. The first is that it allows people that are friends in one property, to be friends in another. Example: A Facebook friend, subscribes to your videos on Youtube, the follows you on twitter to make sure that they don’t miss anything. The second reason is the one that I like the best. All of the social media sites have a certain amount of link juice. When they are linked together that increases the amount of link juice they have. When we get more advanced, we can link from other sites to the social media hubs, again that just makes them better and your site better too.

Google Plus

2. Go to Google Plus
3. Log in if you need to with your Google Account.
4. Click “Manage this Page.
5. Go to About Tab. In the links section click “edit”.
6. Add your links Click Save.

On You Tube

-Go to your channel
– Click About
– Add a description
– Go to the bottom section and click Links / Pencil.
– Add your links – these will appear at the top of your channel graphic.
– When your finished click Done


Go to your Twitter page –

Click Edit Profile
Add links into the box on the right.
click Save Changes

Customize Facebook

The website where you can find the apps you’ll be using on Facebook is –

Click on the Apps that you want to add to Facebook – you’ll need to be on your personal page. Before the app installs you will see a drop down menu. Pick the business page that you want to install the app on. After the app is installed make sure that you put your information so that folks are seeing your content.,

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