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We’re looking for a couple of SEO clients.

ON SALE NOW: Till January 4th, 2016 – submit the information form. Normally for the first month we double the montly price…because we do a tremendous amount of work during the first month. We’ll waive the double fee and charge you only the normal monthly fee for your first month. An example – you submit your form, we send you three different options and you choose the middle option which is $2,000 / month. Normally we would double it for the first month, but you’ll only pay the $2,000.00.

We are different, and we want clients who would get the most benefit from our services.

You Should –

  1. Have a website that is producing at least $1,000.00 / month. While we have done marketing for start ups, the process involved usually takes at least 12 months or so to get decent results.
  2. You must be willing to sign up with us for six months. At the end of the six months, you can fire us OR we can fire you. After the initial six months we do 12 month long contracts.
  3. The minimum cost for our services is $1500 / month and willing to spend $1,000 / month on advertising. The minimum cost for the first month is $3000.00 (we explain that in detail below).
  4. You must be willing (and able) to implement the strategies / changes we send you in a timely manner.
  5. You must be able to produce content (blog posts / social media) at least four or five times a week, or we can do it for you.
  6. We are white hat. We don’t manipulate views, links, likes, social media or anything else. If you’re doing that just be careful. With the number of searches per day that Google analyzes, it doesn’t really matter how ‘human’ like your algos are. Sooner are later you will be caught. We don’t do it.
  7. If you want to work with a large company, never speak to the same person twice, and are just one of hundreds of clients – that’s not us. We are a two person team with a few folks we hire for particular tasks.


If that sounds like you and your business, continue on. If not we wish you much success in your business.

Just starting out? We have a plan for you – click here for details.

About Us

My Daughter and I when we startedWe’ve been doing SEO before it was called that. We really didn’t have a name for it; we were getting traffic for people that paid us to do it for them. This was before Google. We also began advertising when we could get clicks for less than ten cents a click. We have continued since then and have had success with a wide variety of clients and keywords. From ATV tires to Zebras, from Antique Jewelry to Baby Gifts and thousands of other keywords.

How Can We Be So Cheap

We don’t have a fancy office building. If you call us I will answer the phone (or if I’m knee deep in something my wife will answer it). My house is paid for, so is my car. My daughter did just start college, so that is the main reason behind this. While she has a nice college fund, who knows, she might want to be a doctor or dentist. She is smart enough to do whatever she wants and I don’t want to hold her back or make her have to worry about getting loans etc.
My Daughter and I a couple of weeks agoThe $1500 is for ten keywords. When we do our initial assessment on your site we’ll send you three or four different alternatives, you can choose the one that fits your needs. After the first six months you can adjust the keywords. We don’t focus on keywords, but do use them to gauge how well we’re doing. The first month is double whatever the initial fee is since we’ll be doing a lot of background and research. We belive (and know from testing) that having keywords in a Google Adwords campaign helps your SERPs. This is why we require $1000 in advertising. But we advertise elsewhere too. Ever made 25k in a Facebook campaign that cost you 2k… it feels pretty good.

What We Do to Build your Business

Our goal is to make money for your business. We do this by finding buyers that are looking for your products. The goal of the campaign is to find keywords that after people search they actually buy from you. Every business is different and your business is unique. Below is a sample of what we do – bolded items are what we do for ALL clients.

Month 1 – during our Initial assessment we want to figure out what is working and what isn’t. We dig deep into your analytics and webmaster tools. We look at your conversions, link profile, competitors and review your website thoroughly. When this is complete, we make a plan. We don’t’ want to make too many changes at once, we rank the changes from most effective (what will bring you the most money) to least. We create a blog and social media posting plan. We then send you a report and make an appointment for a Hangout. During this hangout (the first one may take a couple of hours) we tell you exactly what we’ll be doing in the weeks and months ahead. After our conversation we’ll send you a list of things you need to do and a list of things we’ll be doing.

Each month after the first we’ll send you reports (link, position, traffic, conversions) what we did, changes we need to make in the plan and have another conversation using hangouts. We’ll record these so you can check them out later if need be.

How to Get Started

  1. Fill out the form by clicking this link. The person who fills out the following form MUST be able to make decisions for the business. Make sure you answer the questions honestly.
  2. We’ll review the site. Within 24 hours we’ll send you a note that will let you know if we can work with you. Some reasons we can’t: We don’t promote competitors with our current clients. Your site must be family friendly. It must have a good working system, and has to at least be in Google. If we accept you will send you a note telling you we’ll work on creating a program for you, if not we’ll let you know why and send along some tips that could help you at.
  3. Usually within 48 hours from the note , we’ll give you an option of 3 different packages to choose from. You’ll let us know which one you choose then
  4. we’ll send you: Instructions, payment options, forms to sign (simple contract / non disclosure agreement).


Questions please don’t hesitate to ask and we look forward to working with you.