Easily Add Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to WordPress

Adding Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to WordPress

Add WMT and Google Analytics to WordPress

Add WMT and Google Analytics to WordPress

The next thing we want to do is add some tools so we can track how well our WordPress site is doing and we’ll be able to hear from Google – and they’ll tell us what kind of  tweaks we need for our site. Sounds pretty cool. Watch the video, then follow the steps below. As always if you have any questions you can contact us.

You can start from the beginning of our series by going here.

Remember – watch the video all the way through first, then watch it again, pause it as you do the steps.

1. Log into your website wordpress panel – www.yoursite.com/wp-admin
2. Click Plugins on the left nav bar.
3. Click Add Plugin at the top.
4. In the right hand search box type “Yoast SEP”
5. Find “Yoast SEO” Click “Install Now”
6. Click Activate Plugin
7. Follow any instructions that it may give you to do now.

These instructions can vary, but should be pretty simple for you to do.

8. Watch the video that explains how to use the plug in.
9. Make sure you’re on the plug ins page. Click Add New.
10. Search for “Yoast Analytics”
11. Find Yoast Analytics and click install.
12. click Activate.

Next we’ll setup Google Analytics

13. Go to Google Analytics www.google.com/analytics/

14. You should have a Google account so log in – click “Add a New Site”.
15. Go back to Google Analytics Dashboard – Find “Google Analytics by Yoast” Click “Settings”.
16. Manually enter the code where it says “Manually enter your UA code”, click Save changes.
17. Back to the plug in page.
18. On Yoast SEO Tools click Settings.
19. On the left nav bar click “XML Sitemaps”.
20. From the middle of the page below Post Types, Click XML Sitemap.

— note – sometimes it doesn’t work. Uncheck the box, click again on the XML Sitemap box. If it worked cool, if not then go back to the page, put a check in the box, create it again. For some reason doing this a few times worked for me. Make sure to click “Save Changes” after each try.

21. Copy the end part of the url. sitemap_index.xml
22. In your browser navigate to “Webmaster Tools” https://www.google.com/webmasters/
23. If you have websites already click “Add a Property” – put the url in the box. Click “Continue”.
24. Make sure that “Google Analytics” is the method you’re using and click the “Verify” button.
25. After the congratulations click continue. Normally you’ll be presented with a list of things to do. They are all pretty self explanatory, you’ll want to do each of them. One of the most important parts is to add your sitemap – use the link to the sitemap you just created and you’re finished.

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