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Privacy Policy Example

Privacy Policy Example

The service we talk about can be found at the bottom of this page.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I am not a lawyer. This is a suggestion for what to put on these pages. You should seek legal counsel that is familiar with your website and local laws.

Adding a Terms of Service Page and a Privacy Policy

Watch the video below. You’ll find step by step instructions below that.

1. Go to
2. Create an account – this will be a trial account, unless you need frequent legal documents you can cancel the service when we finish this exercise.
3. Click Small Business.
4. Ctrl -F search for “Terms of Service.”
5. Click Create Document.
6. Select your state and then answer the questions about YOUR business.
7. Click the document you created.
8. Right side top of the page click export and export it how you wish.
9. Go back to the page with the long list of documents and search for privacy policy.
10. Click create document – answer the questions and you’ll finish in a few minutes.
11. How to cancel your swiftform account.
12. Click My Account.
13. Click Account settings, scroll to the bottom.
14. Click Update subscription and then cancel subscription.
15. Open the privacy policy document.
16. Go to your websites dashboard.
17. Left hand side highlight pages and then add new.
18. Type “Privacy Policy” in the title.
19. Select all of the content on the word document. Copy it.
20. Paste it in the content area of the page you’ll be adding.
21. Publish the page.
22. Review to see what the page looks like.
23. Get rid of the sample page and any other page that WordPress automatically installed.
24. Add a new page for terms of service and do steps 15-22 for that page.

If you would like to check out all of the steps for building your WordPress site you can follow the link below.


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