Google Analytics 101 – Part 1 – Creating a Tracking URL

tracking-urlOver the next few weeks we’re going to dig into some Google Analytics. The goal of your website is (or should be) to drive targeted traffic to your website that converts. I have seen websites that get 10k plus visitors a day that may only sell $50 / day. I have also seen sites that get a couple of hundred visits a day and make $1k plus a day. Both of these examples were with sites that sell products that are about the same price point. So the goal is to find buyers and then convince them to visit your site.

Today we’re going to talk some about building a tracking link, using a free tool. Next time we’ll have a video that discusses some of the finer points – and we’ll work on creating a goal.

For any advertising you do, you should be using a tracking link. Here are the steps.

  1. visit
  2. Enter the Website url – this is the destination – where you want folks to go when they click your ad.
  3. Campaign source – I usually abbreviate the site here Goog / FB – if I know someone is spying on me – I’ll make up random abbreviations.
  4. Medium – cost per click, email etc.
  5. Term and Content I skip – Campaign name I use what I want to track. I test images a lot / also add text / so my name for a fb campaign would be. Im1Ad1 – for image 1, Ad 1.
  6. Hit generate url.

Use the generated url in your advertising.

You’ll want to create a specific, tracking url for at least every advertising you do – especially if you’re wanting to find something that works.

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