How to Find Customers for your local business Part 2

If you missed part one of our series, you can check it out here –

Step 5 – Email Account – tools to send it with.

We need to use a tool to gather email addresses and to send the free report and coupon that we’re going to create. We’ve already talked about creating the account – you can find details on how to do that here.

Step 6 – Creating a Freebie and an Offer (the free way, the ‘best’ way). Two ways to do this, we’ll talk about both.

Creating your freebie doesn’t have to be difficult or long. It just needs to be useful. Think of something useful and that will help a potential customer. Think about questions that they ask you all of the time. Here are some examples off the top of my head.

How to get your home ready for winter.
Five ways you can get more life out of your car (mechanic)
Our secret blah blah recipe (any restaurant)
Eight books you want to read before you die (book store)
Do this first if you have an accident (Lawyer)

You get the idea. Write it up in a word document, save it as a pdf and you have a give away. The video about setting up Aweber explains how to add this document to your first follow up message.

Using the example we talked about, we would create a short pdf, couple of pages that will talk about what needs to be done for your home related to heat.

When you’re creating your report, include things that the consumer might not know about. The more useful information you include, the better. We want to create content that is easy to read, they are blown away with and want to share it with their friends and neighbors. It doesn’t have to be a pdf but could be anything that is useful for them and easy for you to create.

Included with the freebie, you’ll want to create a coupon. This coupon should be unique and not used anywhere in your business. Since it is unique, that means that you’ll be able to track all of the new customers / business.

I have decided we’ll use a discount, $29 to service someones furnace, normal price $49 (again those are made up). You’ll want your discount to be something valuable. You’ll also want to have a time limit.

Create your coupon using Canva. Click on the layouts, you should find one of them that will let you create a deal. When you’re creating your coupon, make sure you have.

  1. What it is for.
  2. How much they’ll save.
  3. Instructions for taking advantage of it.
  4. Include your business phone number, add your Facebook page, website url.
  5. Let them know when the discount ends.

Include the coupon at the end of your pdf, and you’ll want to add the coupon to your email series you will be sending your customer.

Now we need an offer or landing page. There are two ways to do this. One is free, the other isn’t.

Use Facebook –

A landing / offer page is the destination after people click on our Ad we’ll be making next. This page needs to give folks instruction on what to do next and allow them to click and sign up / call you to get more information.

Details on creating your sign up / landing page can be found here –

Another thing you can do is create a Facebook post with all the information / details.

The paid way is to use Lead Pages. Details on how to do that are here

Step 7 – Creating your local ad.

On Facebook, we’ll create an ad.

For our ad we’ll want to target the city of Lexington, Ky. We’ll target homeowners, who are 40 – 65. We’ll want homes that aren’t brand new.

Targeting Facebook is powerful if used correctly. You can also test things so that you make more money for every dollar that you spend there. You have to start somewhere so think of your ‘best’ customer. What do they do, are they male or female, how old are they? If you’ve been in business any length of time you should have some pretty good ideas. If you have a new business then think about your ideal customer and go from there.

Step 8 – tracking your success, rinse and repeat.

Make sure that all your people know to find out where a new customer or contact is coming from.

You’ll want to track –

Calls –
Newsletter Subs –
Coupon Use-
Sales –

You track that on your end. You want to track clicks and things that are coming from your Ad daily.

  1. Go to your Facebook page.
  2. Click Promote – a drop down box will appear.
  3. Click Ads Manager.
  4. You should see a box that says “Spent Last 7 Days”
  5. If you’re running more than one ad – click on the campaign you want to check out.

It’s pretty self explanatory. You’ll want to keep track of clicks, and how much you spent.

We love answering questions, if you have any please leave us a comment or you can contact us. Also let us know how you’re doing.


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