How to Find New Customers for your Local Business (part 1 of 2)

We all want to earn money. Today we’re going to talk about how you can make your first money online in Eight simple steps. If you’ve been online for awhile, you may have some of these things already, but you probably don’t have them all. Let’s briefly talk about the eight steps, then we’ll dig into doing each one of them.

First an overview. After we find out if anyone is searching for our products or services, we’ll set a goal, talk to our team about what we’ll be doing. We create a Facebook fan page, create a report or something to give away that is related to our business and decide on a coupon. We create a local Facebook ad, run it then track it. If it isn’t working, we adjust it, if it is working we take some of our profits and advertise somewhere else.

Step 1 – Is it worth it?

Will this be worth it? If not then there is no use of putting the time, effort, resources and money into doing it. It’s easy to find out. We’ll explain exactly how.

Step 2 – Setting a goal.

Easy enough. Set a goal, that way you can know if you’ve met it, or if you need to try harder.

Step 3 – Informing your Team – tell your employees.

Step 4 – Building a Facebook page.

Build a Facebook page.

Step 5 – Email Account – tools to send it with.

We’ll be using An email service. This will let us capture our leads, so that we can email / contact them more than once. It is an expense, but worth it.

Step 6 – Creating a Freebie and an Offer (the free way, the ‘best’ way). Two ways to do this, we’ll talk about both.

Step 7 – Creating your local ad.

On Facebook, we’ll create an ad.

Step 8 – tracking your success, rinse and repeat.

How did you do? It’s pretty easy to find out and track.

Lets dig in and detail each step.

STEP 1 – Is it worth it.

For this exercise, we’ll pretend that we have a company that provides heating (and cooling) to residents of Lexington KY.

  1. Go to Google.
  2. In the search box – type in “What you do, the city you do it in” You could also type in “a product you sell, the city you’re in.” So I could type in ‘heat pump, Lexington Ky.” Which is what I did.
  3. Review the results.
Is anyone searching for what you offer?

Is anyone searching for what you offer?

See the image. We want to make sure there is at least one ad, for whatever we’re searching for. The ads tell you that people are making money from advertising on the internet. Our search showed at least ten ads. So I think anything having to do with heating would be fine.

Search for your product or service. If there are no ads when you search, try something broader.

Example: Let’s say that I repair musical instruments. If I search for Bonsoon repair Lexington, I get no results.

If I search musical instrument repair Lexington I get three Ads. I could then continue with the plan to advertise.

More Ads

More Ads

After you have found that your offer would be viable, continue to Step 2.

STEP 2 – Setting a goal.

I am a big fan of goals. I have been setting them since I was in the third grade and selling Grit newspapers. A goal gives you something to shoot for.

On the right side of this page, sign up for our Newsletter and you’ll get an awesome guide (with worksheets) that will help you learn all about setting goals. It is totally free.

Set a goal – how many new customers do you want. Using my example, I want one new customer a week. I want to complete the eight steps in two weeks. You may want to modify the goal in an upcoming step.

STEP 3 – Let your employees know what you’re going to be doing. With the ad you’ll want to let them contact you on Facebook, by phone or email. Make sure someone is monitoring each of those at least several times a day. We’ll be using codes (we’ll come to that in a bit), begin training them now to ask everyone that calls how they found out about you.

Step 4 – Building a Facebook Business page. We’ve already talked about that extensively, you can find it here.

We’ll give you information on the last four steps later this week. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, or you can leave us a comment in the comments section.


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