How to SEO a blog Post

Creating a well SEO’ed Blog post isn’t as difficult as you think.

Watch the video on how to SEO a Blog Post.

SEO the Text for your blog



How to make your blog SEO friendly…

Create or have written for you between 1000 and 1500 words of text. As your building your website, don’t make all of them the same length but vary it. You don’t want to SEO all of your posts either. On our blog we have posts that range from 300 or so words to 2000 plus. When you’re writing the posts write naturally. Check your posts for errors and misspelled words. When the post is finished create your blog post.

Put your title in the title box. Fill the content box with your text. I then like to go down to the SEO Yoast box and work on filling in the main keyword and the description box. Save your post and Yoast will tell you anything that you might have forgotten.

Go through the text and make it easier to read. Highlight some things (bold / different color ). Make sure you have an H1 tag – this should be the title of your article. Then add 2 or 3 H2 tags and 4 or 5 H3 tags. You want a couple of links out to authority sites. One near the beginning of the article, another in the middle and at the end. Link 2 or 3 times to interior pages of YOUR site.

Here is the blog post we created and you see in the video.


The goal of the page is after someone finds it, you want them to stay for at least a couple of minutes. Images help draw people into your page. In our video we talked quite a bit about how you can find images using Google. PLEASE DO NOT use copyrighted images. While it might be easy to do in the short term, long term it can cause you a lot of hassle, legal headaches and money.

Here is a review of what we did.

1. Go to Google.
2. Type in the image you’re looking for.
3. Click Search tools.
4. Click Usage rights and then click ‘Labeled for reuse’.

I use snag it to copy the image, clip it, add text etc if I want to and then save it as your main keyword – keyword.jpg. Keep the image small, the smaller it is the quicker the page will load, the faster the page loads the more Google likes it. If the image is too big – you can use this tool –

When you insert the image – make sure you fill all of the boxes with at least one instance of your keyword. When you’re finished add a couple of more images.


Add a video, it doesn’t have to be a video that you’ve created – we explain how to do it in our video. Update your post. Make sure to link the post to all of your social media (FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc).

Tools that help with tweaking

Snag it is a tool I really like. You can find it here.

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