How to Set Goals for your Local Business

Goals for your local business

Goals for your local business

Welcome to the last week of 2015. So what are you goals for the New Year. IF you don’t have any goals, then you really have no direction.

We have a 65+ page Goal guide with worksheets that is completely free. It’s super simple to get it to, just subscribe to our newsletter and you’re set.

On the right side of the page, you’ll see a place to put your name and your email address. After you submit that, make sure that you confirm your email address, the next note you get from us will be an email which includes the guide.

So how can you decide what your goals are going to be for your business. The best place to start I think is with money. The great thing about having a web business, is if you do it right, you can predict how much money you’re going to make.

Please review the image below –





This website sells goods. It has ecommerce installed / configured within Google, but even if you sell services this would work the same way. Most of the top columns are self-explanatory. The Left column is where the traffic came from. The column I would like you to check out is the ‘per session value’. That means every visitor contributed $2.49 to your bottom line (from Google organic).

Let’s pretend that our Goal for gross sales this year from Web traffic is 250,000. Even though the screenshot is from a month, we’ll pretend it was for the year.

So if we want to concentrate on Google organic we would need –

250,000/2.49 = 100,401 visitors we would need to make that happen. I would recommend spreading it out a bit over the properties. Divide this number by 12 and you have a monthly traffic goal.

Like 50% google organic, 20% paid Google, 20% direct and 5% Facebook and Yahoo.

When you do the math make sure you use per session value.

So now all you need to do is work on getting the traffic.

To Do list –

  1. Review the Goal Guide
  2. Decide how much you want to make.
  3. Break it down into how much traffic you need.
  4. Design plans to make that traffic happen.

We’ll talk some more about these traffic topic next week (and in the weeks to come).

Stuck? Have questions, leave us a comment on this page or you can hit the contact link. We love answering questions.

We hope you have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Years!!

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