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Incredible Dream Machines Bonus

How to order Incredible Dream Machines with our Bonus. The Cart is CLOSED – if you ordered using our link, please don’t forget to follow the after order instructions. Thanks Much!!

  1. Review the NEW updates (below this list) Make sure you read and understand this page / video / and the pdf. Important things to note are how the bonuses are delivered and the delivery dates as well as the expiration dates. If you have any questions, please send us a note (use our contact form) BEFORE you order.
  2. Clear your cookies.
  3. Click here – this is the order link.
  4. Watch the video  – Click “Complete my Enrollment”
    Choose option 1 or option 2. Click “Add to cart”.
    Scroll down to the bottom of the payment form. You should see.
    [ affiliate = cleverapp ] – see image
    If it doesn’t – make sure your cookies are cleared, or try a different browser. If cleverapp is at the bottom then complete your order.order
  5. Watch for your order confirmation email in your inbox.
  6. Click here to send us an email.
  7. Include the name your ordered with, email you used with your order. Subject IDM Bonus. In the message include your order number.
  8. After we confirm your order – we’ll send you a link to an information form. This form will let us know any website properties / experience you have. It will also let us know if you have any ideas about  your niche. You’ll submit that to us and we’ll send a confirmation note, a checklist, and a link to sign up to our members list.


Some updates for you –

  1. IDM will be closing on Monday 28th – you can see a countdown clock on the latest video page.
  2. You can watch the latest video about IDM here –
  3. In the latest video / page Greg goes into details about what we’ll be covering during the 8 weeks of training.
  4. TLDR – we have a lot of bonuses – you can check out this pdf, which shows exactly what you’ll be getting and when you’ll be getting it. Click Here.
  5. We have revised our bonuses slightly. The day one bonuses have been removed. The other additional bonuses will be available till Monday or until 10 people have purchased using our link.
  6. Someone sent me a note asking who we are. We’re not a traditional launch jacker, but we have been in business since 1998. We have been focus on helping people build their business. We believe in this program and we do think that crowdfunding is one of those opportunities that work now. When you purchase the product using our link, and give us the privilege of building your web properties and marketing them and your new product / campaign, we know you’ll be happy to give us a glowing testimonial. Those testimonials will be the basis of a new promotion product we’ll be launching. So helping you succeed will help us!
  7. Questions let us know.


A couple of quick notes before we dig in.

  1. Our bonuses do not include any kind of software, reports or things like that. We help you research a product, create a website and social media to showcase your product to the world, pre launch things advertise, getting a list, create the campaign. We help you during the campaign (advertising, updates, answering questions), and do a happy dance when you have reached your funding goals. WE DO a ton of work FOR YOU!
  2. There is a limit to the number of bonuses we can give out. That is a real limit. We have the manpower to deliver between 10 and 20 of our bonus packages. It depends on how much work we need to do and each one of you will be different. When we have reached our limit then we will remove the affiliate link. Our goal with our packages is to earn your trust so you will be a client for life.
  3. We have outlined below what we are going to be giving you. We highlight the things we’ll be buying / doing for you in purple. Included in the outline is your responsibility. YOU MUST complete certain things in order to advance to the next phase (see red highlighted items). Example: You must choose a niche and a product before we move on to the next phase.

Please watch the video below.

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Watch the videos from Incredible Dream Machines.

Your Incredible Dream Machines Bonus Package Includes the following:

The 8 week course which is part of Incredible Dream Machines begins in October.

  • After each lesson is released. We’ll send you a check list of things you want to make sure that you do.
  • You will receive contact information – phone number / email.


Choosing your product and niche

Choosing your product and niche

Phase 1 – Choosing a Niche and a Product (Month 1)

Important!! If you refund the product at any time during this process your website will be deleted from the server, any other work we have done for you will be deleted. All processes that we have started will be reversed. By clicking the order button you have indicated you have read this notice.

Phase 1 is the most important part of this whole process. If you choose the wrong product, then it doesn’t matter how well you do in the other phases, it won’t work as well as it could have.

After you purchase IDM using our link, you’ll send us a note with your order details (that’s all explained at the bottom of the page). When we verify the order. We’ll send you a couple of things.

A link to a form which you’ll need to fill out completely. This tells us a bit about your experience and web properties that you have, you’ll submit that to us.

We’ll send you a link to sign up to our buyers list – this puts you into a 60 day (or so) email series that gives you a list of things to do. We’ll also send you a checklist of the bonuses listed on this page so you can KNOW when you’ll be receiving what. When IDM’s course begins we’ll send the checklists using this list.

Week 1 – 48 hours after you have signed up you’ll receive a pdf with the top 50 funded products on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and the top 20 campaigns (from each site) that is related to the niche you’re thinking about.– along with a spreadsheet that will help you to shuffle them around.

Four days laterFifty Indiegogo campaigns and Kickstarter campaigns that looked good, but weren’t funded. We’ll include a video discussion of why we think they weren’t funded (mistakes that we can avoid – many of the mistakes were choosing the wrong product).

Week 2 – Top niches in Kickstarter / Indiegogo and the Internet (pdf).

You’ll schedule a Google Hangout with us – one on one. We will talk about niches that you like and then you’ll chose your niche.

Weeks 3 and 4 – You’ll research your products / We will be doing research too and send you a list of at least 10 possible products that we think would work for you. We’ll also send you a list of products in the niche you have chosen that has been successful and some that haven’t worked. We’ll discuss these in the next hangout.

We have another hangout during / after week 4. The focus on choosing the product – when the hangout is finished you’ll have your product. And we can begin phase 2. During this hangout we will also decide when in 8 weeks plus you will launch your campaign. In the training one of the things that will be taught is the best time to launch. We can launch the max of two campaigns in a week – so it is first come, first served.

In order to move to phase 2 a product and niche must be chosen.
If you DO NOT choose a product / niche after 6 months from the time you purchased IDM the remaining bonuses will be forfeited.

Campaign Preparation

Campaign Preparation

Phase 2 – Campaign Preparation (Month 2-3) [ you must complete this phase within 12 months of purchasing Incredible Dream Machines or the remaining bonuses will be forfeited]

Things may be done later (as long as its within the first year) – but they CANNOT be done earlier than the beginning of Month 2.

At the beginning of this phase we’ll have another personal hangout – we will detail what’s going to happen – you’ll ask questions (if you have them) and you’ll let us know the options you choose.

Week 1 –
We send you a niche research checklist – you begin to dig into your niche. The focus of that is to find out everything you can about your potential customers.

If you have domain name / url – we will do a quick check of it. If it is a good fit for the niche you picked and is in the Google SERPs, we’ll do a comprehensive report.

If you don’t have a website we’ll –
– Purchase a domain for you (2 years)
– Setup hosting (for one year – after the year $100/year)
-Setup WordPress for you and SEO it for you.
– Create a logo for you.

If possible you will want to order a prototype product for your business. If you want us to take photographs or video sequences you will send us one of the products too (at your expense).

Week 2

If you have a website – this week we’ll send you a list of changes / things we need to do to your site to make it better. We’ll make sure that it will be easy to setup your product. We’ll provide you with a list of changes that need to be made and with your permission we’ll give you a timeline for when we’ll make those changes.

You’ll continue to dive into your niche – following the guide we gave you in week one.

We’ll send you a list of content stuff we need for the site.

We’ll create the following social media business sites if you don’t have them yet (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In).

Week 3

We’ll create a posting schedule for you.
We’ll begin writing / crafting ten blog posts for you (SEO optimized) and give you a schedule of when we’ll be posting.
We connect the social media accounts to the website. We also give you some instruction on how to post your content on social media.


If you sent us a prototype – choose one of the following –
-we’ll create / edit a video
-we’ll take 10 – 20 action photos

Guidance for you on packaging for your product so that you can ship it. Begin planning out how you’re going to fulfill everything.

If you didn’t send us a prototype then YOU need to begin taking images / video.

Create a newsletter.
We create a 6 to 10 email follow up sequence (based on your niche)
Create 3 landing pages for you (so we can find the one that works the best. This is all part of

Priming the pump that is talked about in the second video (include link) ignore the roosters.
Press Embargo – we find the journalists that might be interested in your product – you create a press release (don’t worry we’ll give you some instructions on how to do this and hot to contact the journalist that would be interested in your story).

Week 5

You begin working on the text for your campaign page.
We start a Facebook campaign for you to get subscribers to your newsletter (including 3 LEAD Pages).
We put $50 in your Facebook Ad account. You may want to add additional funding. The goal is to have a few hundred or so subscribers by week 8 of this phase.

You’ll begin emailing people that you’ve discovered in your list ‘niche partners’.

Week 6 and 7

Google Hangout beginning of week 6.
Finalize the types of pledges.
Send text for the campaign / images / video – we’ll tweak / edit things. Send back to you to review.

Create the Early Bird Specials

Week 8

Final Review –
Do prep for the following Ad campaigns images and text

Google Ad Words – text and image ads
Facebook Ads – 3 image
Twitter campaign 3 images
Youtube videos created – Ad campaign.

The Campaign

The Campaign

Phase 3 – The Campaign (Month 4-5) Soonest this phase can begin is month 4 after you order. You must begin within month 15 or your bonus is forfeited.

Day 1 – add the campaign, images etc.
Day 2 – everyone reads / comments / edits are made. Email the mailing list – let them know the product we’ve been talking about is ready to launch.

Day 3 – Launch

Ad campaigns started. We provide $250 of advertising funds. These funds are distributed across Google / Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. You will need to match that – you put in $250 making the initial ad budget $500.

During the campaign we will monitor all the advertising – send you daily snapshots and weekly reports. Based on advertising that is working, we’ll suggest, as needed for you to put additional funds in the ad budget.

Daily monitoring of comments – suggestions to you about what to update / when to post updates.

Midpoint of the campaign we do a complete breakdown of how we’re doing and present that report to you in a Hangout. Suggestions will be made and with your permission implemented.



Phase 4 – Fulfillment (Month 6)

Post an update after the campaign is finished. Do what in the Army we called an After Action Review. Last hangout (for this campaign anyway) we talk about what worked, what didn’t, what could have been done better and things that went great.

Offer you a discount – 10% off your next project.



Whew. That’s a lot of stuff to digest I know. If you have any questions about what we’re offering, you can include them in the comments below (please don’t spam your url or the comment will be deleted), you can contact us using the form, or send us a message / comment on Facebook.


Fast Action Bonus Incredible Dream Machines

Fast Action Bonus Incredible Dream Machines

— –Fast action bonus  for Incredible Dream Machines—
If you order on September 22nd (expired)


If you order from September 23rd to September 28th (when the cart closes), you may add ONE of the following bonuses.

  1. 15% off your next crowdfunding marketing project.
  2. 3 additional blog posts in Phase 3
  3. Add $50 to the ad funds from us – you will need to match it, making the total ad fund for launch $600 ($300 from us, $300 from you).

 Hidden coupons / additional bonuses

Sign up for our newsletter – you will enjoy a 3 or 4 day series. In those emails you can find a coupon (several of them), you may choose one.

Hidden in the video above is a coupon or you can click here. You should watch it.

To order the Incredible Dream Machines from us – video coming soon..

  1. Make sure you have read / understood the bonuses you will receive.
  2. Read the Affiliate Disclaimer.

Affiliate Disclaimer – if you purchase Incredible Dream Machines using our link, we will get a commission. We do not make any claims as to how much money you will make. I can guarantee if you do nothing, you will make nothing. If this is something that you cannot afford to purchase, please DON’T.


  1. Clear your cookies.
  2. CLICK HERE TO ORDER (if that link is not clickable – we have hit our max number of bonuses). Details can be found on our FB page.
  3. Ensure that the image shown has “cleverapp” at the bottom of the page. If that is not shown, your order will not be credited to us. If you’re having problems please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  4. Use Our Contact Form and send us the following.
    Subject IDM BONUS
    Order number – you will receive an email from Click Bank (see below for details of the order number.
    Email address you used to order the product
    Name on the order
  5. After we verify your order, usually within an hour or two, we will send you a link to a form you need to fill out ASAP and a link to sign up for the list.




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