Incredible Dream Machines Review and Bonus [1k+]

I heard about the Incredible Dream Machines a few months ago.

Incredible Dream Machines Review

Incredible Dream Machines Review

Our full Incredible dream machines review and bonus can be found here, when the product launches. We have dug around and below is what Greg and Tim have shown us up to now.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Kickstarter and Indiegogo – two crowdfunding sites that have successful. Kickstarter has had almost 2 billion dollars pledged ( 2 billion ) – more stats are here.

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The story of the 6 million dollar bicycle – click here. What is your Blue Ocean?

We searched Indiegogo for a campaign that was doing well.

We found this one –

On August 25th, they had sold $225,000. ( A quick check on Sept. 7th, shows us they have sold $380,000 and they still have twenty one days left in their campaign) The image is below.

A successful Indiegogo Campaign

A successful Indiegogo Campaign

We then searched for a place to find similar headphones. One note when you’re contacting the Chinese manufacturers (or wherever you find the cheapest initial price) you can customize them to your brand. We found many different products that were similar, but weren’t exact. You can join our list (enter your email in the box below) and we’ll discuss some of the things we found. Some highlights of the research are below.

  1. Wholesale products ranged in price from $5 to $20, there weren’t any exact matches – so figure an extra $10 – $20 each for the different material / costs of manufacturing (that number is a bit high, but we’ll go with it) – so wholesale costs if we order 2000 is $80,000 (again going high).
  2. Currently the campaign has sold 2000 + – average price ~ $80.00 for a total of $160.000 or a profit of $80,000.
  3. TLDR this product has an estimated $80,000.00 profit.

Another product –

Another Example from Indiegogo - the sales page

Another Example from Indiegogo – the sales page

Wholesale for the product (notice the kickstand)



So the point of all this is people are doing it and making money while they’re doing it.


Crowdfunding is booming, being able to do it correctly is part art and part science.

The great thing about the Incredible Dream Machines course is:

  1. You won’t have to invent anything.
  2. You won’t have to know anything about traffic or marketing (that will be part of our bonus) and the training and tools they provide will help with both of those.
  3. You don’t need any experience.

Greg and Tim have been doing Crowdfunding campaigns for years and  know what they’re doing. Their latest success did over 100k in 24 hours and is still making money.

STOP – reread that last sentence. This program is not just about doing one campaing, but is about doing a campaign that will launch a ‘real’ business that you will be able to profit from not only after the campaign has finished, but for years to come.

The great thing about the Incredible Dream Machines course is they provide a ton of information, but it doesn’t take years for you to learn it, the course is going to be given over eight weeks.

Here are some things you’ll learn.

  1. Identify a product and a niche that has products that people are looking for. You can find the top ten products on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in a pdf we’ve created. Just use the signup box at the end of this article.
  2. Source a product. They will teach you where and how to find the product that fits perfectly with the niche that you have researched.
  3. Launch a campaign – they’ll use their years of crowdfunding experience and show you how to launch a product.
  4. Delivery – the cornerstone of growing a real business is sending the products to people that buy them and providing them great customer service so they’ll tell their friends and will become a REPEAT customer.

Remember you won’t be just crowdfunding one product, but you want people who buy your first product, to be the foundation for people that buy the next one, and tell their friends about it too.

5.Scale Up – how to take a hundred sales and turn it into a thousand, and then turn a thousand into ten thousand.

Here is an example of a company that is scaling up –

I saw an ad on Facebook last Sunday while surfing around, preparing the bonus items for Incredible Dream machines –

Facebook Example

Facebook Example

Here is their website –

Here is the Indiegogo campaign they started with $800k raised in Jan. of 2014.

A perfect example of creating an Indiegogo (or Kickstarter) campaign and then developing it into a ‘real’ business.

Here is a sample of what you’ll be receiving (this could be changed / updated before launch) for the Incredible Dream Machines.

1 –  THE DREAMERS PATH  – An 8 week Detailed Live training… the A-Z of crowdfunding from niche research to sourcing to lead gen to launch to followup, delivery and going big time.

2 – INCREDIBLE UNIVERSITY in LAS VEGAS  – A 3 day live event in Las Vegas – a great way to learn and network.

3 – SOFTWARE – at least three pieces of software. One will assist you in finding niches that are buying and that are hungry to buy your product.

4 – VEGAS SHARK TANK – One of my FAVORITES – At Incredible University in Las Vegas – Greg will be assembling our own mini Shark Tank where my network of Angel Investors and VC’s will be taking pitches from our successful students live on stage,  determining if they want to invest and take their business to the next level.  We will be selecting the top students from IDM who have already winning products for this chance to elevate to a possible 9 figure business.

5 – GREG’S ROLODEX – Sometimes knowing who to call and when to call them can be the difference between making a few hundred and many thousands of dollars.


6 – COMMUNITY ANCHORS-   Team members who will be in the IDM user forums to help and guide the students – we’re building a community.

And Much More. 

Includes software that will help you with–

Niche & Product Research
Customer Acquisition and Engagement
Free Traffic Generation

Calendar for Launch

Prelaunch Part 1 –  15th September  (The $6 Million Dollar Bicycle)
Prelaunch Part 2 –  18th September (The “Hollywood Method” Revealed)
Prelaunch Part 3 –  21st September (75 Year Old Crowdfunds $351K in 30 Days)
Cart Opens  –  22nd September


Incredible Dream Machines Bonuses (click here for details)

Our bonuses will follow the same line as the training.

Part 1 – Identify a product / research a niche

Part 2 – Prelaunch – Source a product – get your web properties ready.

Finding Buyers-
Social Media-
Joint Ventures-

Crafting the campaign – words, images, video(s), perks and rewards, stretch goals.

Part 3 – The Launch

Advertising / Answer questions / Communicating / Updates

Part 4 Fulfillment

Rinse and Repeat

This video shows the top ten things that need to be in your crowdfunding campaign. As our Incredible Dream Machines  bonus you’re getting all TEN of them.

The goal of our bonuses is to help make your campaign successful. Why? When you make money with your first campaign, you’ll want to hire us to help you make money with your second. We’ve been helping people just like you create successful businesses on the internet for almost 20 years (since 1998).

We’re fine tuning our bonuses and should have them online on Monday, along with complete details of how we plan on you receiving them. If you would like a heads up, along with some research we’ve been doing, check out our newsletter. You can sign up for it below.

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