Do you have a marketing plan for the Fall and Winter? It’s not too early to start planning, so you can make this your best year.

We have been helping businesses like yours since 1998. We help you by bringing more web, phone, and foot traffic to your business so they can buy your products or services.

Step 1 – Assess

After you submit your information to us, we’ll take a look at where you currently are. This assessment you’ll usually get back in 24 – 48 hours. We give you at least one good idea for you to implement to help you bring in more traffic and sales. Also we’ll send a recommendation of which package would benefit your business the most. After you decide on the package you want we’ll then do a more thorough assessment (takes a week or so). We start by calling you and getting a better idea of what the goals are for your business. Then we’ll look at everything from your link profile, social foot print, your competitors and more. We’ll then begin to work on a marketing plan that is customized for your business.

Step 2 – The Plan

We’ll create the initial report for you, which includes the things we mentioned previously and a six month marketing plan for your business. We work on things that will bring you the most traffic (and more importantly sales) first, and then go from there. We’ll send this report to you and schedule a phone call (or Skype or Hangout) whichever you prefer. During this phone call we’ll talk about the plan and make any adjustments based on your recommendations. Together we’ll talk about some benchmarks (goals) that you want to attain.

Step 3 – Implement

Based on the package you chose and the plan we’ll then get to work (plans are discussed in detail below).

Step 4 Reports and Tweaks

We’ll send monthly reports and call you. We will also tweak and tune the plan as we move forward.

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— We review every business that we decide to promote. We want to make sure we are a good fit. After we review your site, we’ll send you a note with a link to make a payment.

Our Local  SEO, PPC,  Social Marketing Plans

Marketing Plan
Content Guide
Blog posts
Local SEO
Social Media
Local PPC Campaigns
Spend budget clicks we buy
Social Media Ads
Spend budget clicks we buy
Live Reports
$375 / month
1 sm/ week (4total)
1 / week
$690/ month
1 sm / 1 med / week (8 total)
2/ week
$1350 /month
2 large / month, 2sm/1med/ week (14 total)
4/ week

Details –

Content Guide – based on the keywords, we’ll give you a list of content that needs to be created and a schedule for when that needs to happen.
Blog posts we make for you each month. SM – Small 250 – 500 words || Med – Medium 500 – 750 words || Large 750+ words
Local SEO – working on your local profiles, finding out who your competitors are and a plan to pass them up.

Social Media – FaceBook, Pinterest, Linked In, Twitter and others. We work on what has been proven to bring the most customers for whatever business you’re in.
Frequency – Postings. We’ll teach you how to post as well.

Local PPC Campaigns – paid local traffic that buys from you.
Spend budget clicks we buy – the amount of clicks we purchase for you each month (you can alway add more).

Social Media Ads – We start with local facebook ads.
Spend budget clicks we buy the amount of clicks we purchase for you each month (you can alway add more).

Reports – all of our plans include written reports – giving you stats, changes (keyword increases / decreases, changes in ROI, time on page, etc.), reminder of goals, a list of what we’ve done and things that you need to do. The medium and large plan include a live review of that report the medium plan quarterly, the large plan monthly.

Custom SEO, Local PPC Programs

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Local Marketing SEO Social PPC plans

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