Marketing Mix Ideas for your Local / Small Business

Marketing Mix includes a blend of social media and other things.

Marketing Mix includes a blend of social media and other things.

Today being an Internet entrepreneur requires you to develop skills business people in the past never had to think about. Many think just getting a website is all you need to do.

Over the next few months we plan on going in depth about each of these methods you’ll want to add to your marketing mix. Bookmark this page, subscribe to our newsletter (big box to the right) and when new content comes out, you’ll be one of the first to know about it. Remember too that each of these methods complement the other. In our social section we talked about linking the social media properties together. Content is king and when you build a piece of content or a resource you can then use it in all of your other properties.

Just a website alone can, of course, promote your business, sell, and attract potential clients, new customers, and visitors.

We’ve talked quite a bit about building a local website for your business. Just click that link and it will take you to the page with details on that.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg as there is much more to it. To be really successful you need a Marketing Mix of resources both on and off the Net.

With this in mind we are going to offer up some suggestions on how to build a mix of Market ideas that when used together can help you secure your niche and start and keep your business running on an even keel.

We will look at social media, why writing a report can bring you more customers, and finally how do you keep track of it all with some free and not so free solutions that you can try.

Your Website

If you are on a shoestring budget WordPress allows you to create a web presence with little or no expense and you can have a passable web page up in only a couple of hours. You can check out our DIY section.

We also build websites for businesses and have been doing so for a number of years. We have a variety of different packages and you can find all of them listed here –

An Email List

Building a good e-mail list can be a part of your overall ongoing strategy. You can have freebies on your website that in exchange for their eMail address you will provide them with. This can be a report, MP3/Podcast, and other items of interest. (more about this later)

Aweber is a good method to collect those emails and gives you tools to use to email them. They also have tons of training to help you get started. Within Aweber are autoresponders or automated messages you can use to give value to your customers. Let’s say you have a local gym that you’re working on promoting. You could have a series of 7 lessons that teach people every other day a different way to target their abs (or whatever body part they might be working on firming up). You can set messages to be delivered every day, every other day or any combination that you can imagine.

Speaking of followers, social media can help build your customer base and brand recognition.

Social Media in the Marketing Mix


Facebook is the perfect vehicle for you to reach people. Social media is rapidly replacing newspaper, magazines, and TV advertising as the prime way to reach your audience. Facebook is the largest social media platform that reaches to all corners of the world. So if you want coverage of the whole United States, you need to consider getting an account and web presence on Facebook.

We have talked quite a bit about creating accounts for Facebook and Twitter – you can find the article by clicking here.


Another social media platform with a large following is


A newcomer but it is rapidly growing a following as people can post graphics and images of their hobbies and business services.

So if your product or service lends itself to bright and vibrant images then here too is a venue that requires your consideration.

We run social media campaigns for clients using all of these, we have found that different methods work with different businesses. The best thing to do is to create accounts for each one, post news worthy things on them every couple of days for a few months and find out which one brings you in the most business – and then focus on that one primarily.

Creating a Report

Creating a Report

Create a Report related to your local business

Think of a problem that future customers have. Questions that people ask you every day can give you some ideas. What you’ll want to do is create a report that addresses that problem or issue. Some examples:

How to potty train your new puppy.
Fixing the dripping faucet is easier than you think.
Four ways to prepare your house for winter (or summer).
Getting rid of weeks in your yard.

Again those are just some examples, if you are having trouble coming up with a topic please contact us – we love helping you!

Become the Expert

When your write the report you automatically become the expert and this lets the customer know that they are dealing with someone that knows what they are doing.

The beauty of this is you only need knowledge you already possess but probably weren’t even aware of your knowing. Allen DeEvers says you only need 30% of what you know to generate the other 2/3s of the content.

Your brain synthesizes the additional material as you write. You will learn more about your business and product as you write and gain a deeper understanding of your niche and the customers you are trying to reach.

We’ll talk much more about creating the report in a later article. Be thinking about it now, jot down possible topics to write about.

A Free Giveaway for Your Webpage

A freebie often attracts people to your website and it can be downloadable in exchange for a simple eMail address that builds subscribers to your newsletter and even can be converted into an audio file or Podcast.

It can be the basis of a whiteboard animated infomercial that highlight your business and lets people know about your products and services. And they become the perfect script for other ways of communicating your business as well and reading isn’t the only modality in vogue today.

Lead pages are a perfect tool to use to highlight your report (or coupon, or both) and get them into one of your sales funnels.

Podcast / Videos

A script for a Podcast can either be read by you or a voice talent, which you can often get from your local community college or students looking for a bit of extra cash.

Using a webcam you also can create YouTube videos with instructional materials about use of your products/services, and other infomercial products for Facebook, Twitter, and Social media in general.

I’m sure you’ve watched our videos. You’re also probably thinking that you can’t make a video but it is not as difficult as you think. We’ll be talking about that later too!

Keeping track of it all

Now you need a way to keep track of what you endeavors are doing and we have some additional tools to help you run your growing mix of multimedia resources that support the growth of your business.

SMM Tools

If you are going to use Social Media, you need a way to monitor your content and automatically update your messages and content.

This is where Social Media Management (SMM) tools come into their own.

You can also see how many people are responding and following your posts. This keeps you in touch with your niche market and allows you to adjust your message and see almost instantly the results with products like:


All give you various capabilities and some, the ability to be on multiple social media platforms at the same time.

Finding the Perfect Marketing Mix

Finding the Perfect Marketing Mix

Some Final thoughts on your Marketing Mix

So, you see creating a marketing mix of website, social media, email, reports and the management software to run and monitor it isn’t that difficult if you plan things out before you star and Mind Mapping is a great tool to help you do that as well as a project planning tool of which we have our final offering:

FreeMind – Mind Mapping Software:

GanttPlanner – Project planning software:

Now you have everything you need to mix and match the elements of a great marketing mix that will help you business grown and win more customers and business as well.

We hope you will take away a sense that using multiple methods gives you an advantage over those who just rely on a website. When we started our lessons on building your site, one of the first things we did was to check out your competition. I’m sure they aren’t using all of these methods. Adding one or two of them to your marketing mix can help your business grow.


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