Optimizing a Youtube Video for your local business

Youtube Local Business Optimization

Youtube Local Business Optimization

You Tube Tips

Revenue 5billion this year.
A billion registered users.
4 Billion videos daily.
300 hours of youtube uploaded every minute.
Small businesses that use Youtube… 9%.

Here are the steps – optimize the video for ONE keyword or phrase.

1. You’re going to do a live event, make some notes. Time it out to five or ten minutes.  – doesn’t have to be fancy. Don’t have any ideas, please contact us with what type of business you’re in and we’ll brainstorm with you.
2. Don’t hit the upload video the normal way. We’re going to “Live Stream” it.
3. Go to your profile, hit creator studio.
4. Click “Live Stream”. You might need to verify your identity with a phone number, that process takes only a few minutes, they’ll text you a number and then you put it in.
Confirm your identity.

1. Agree to the conditions.
For WPP I was already approved


5. Click Events on the left under Stream Now on your left.
6. Click Schedule an Event. Give yourself 15 or 30 minutes (or even an hour) to finish the setup.
7. Add your title – make sure it is keyword rich and engaging to your audience. Example –“Lexington Kentucky Septic Tank Installer – Save money tips – add the phone number from your Nap”

Location – Keyword – engage – phone number

Another example.

Lexington Ky Furnace and Heater Repair – Free Winter checkup –555xxxx

8. Add two hundred words for your description. At the top – nice keyword rich intro – include phone number and web url Tims heating, a Lexington KY furnace and heater repair, we’re offering a
free winter check. Call us at phone number or visit us here.

Space —

Content – explain everything you’re going to do for them. 200 words or so. Your keywords once or twice / use related keywords to. I would think of all the words people may use for furnace and include it somewhere in the description. MAKE SURE it sounds natural.

Ending – Call to action. “Call now (number) for your free report or you can visit our website and learn how you can have a winter checkup for less than $50. Details are here – sign up for our newsletter and get 5% off any service.

Tag your video with your main keywords.

Put a hashtag at the bottom of your video description.

Remember that because when you’re sharing the video on Facebook and twitter use the EXACT hashtag.

Now click “Advanced settings” near the top beside of Basic Info. Video location – put your local keyword.

Click Create Event

Bitrate – 360p is fine.
Follow the instructions.

Remember you can capture your screen for your vidoe, which is what you would want to do. You want the video to be 10 to 15 minutes long. Don’t just sell your product but give folks some useful information too. We’ll be doing a video soon and will include it below this paragraph. After the video is finished, make sure you share it to your Facebook page and Twitter feeds.

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