Pinterest – How to use it for your small business

Setting up a Pinterest account

small-business-pinterest1. Go to pinterest –
2. Log into pinterest with your facebook or create a username (your email) and a password.
3. Click Sign in.
4. Fill out your name.
5. Any other information and click next.
6. Highlight your interests, then next.
7. Choose who you want to follow or you can skp that part.

Click edit settings. The important thing to do is to add your website.
Confirm your website.

Here’s the video showing you how to use Pinterest for your small business –


How to confirm your website with Pinterest

1. Copy the code you’re given.
2. Log into your wordpress dashboard.
3. On the left click on appearance and then editor.
4. There is a list of pages that you can edit on the right hand side of that page. “Header (header.php)
5. Insert the code after this – <head> but BEFORE this – </head> Then click update and you’re done.

Fill out the about us section.

So how can you use Pinterest to drive my business for you? We aren’t doing this just for fun, although it can be, we want to make money with it.

1. Pinterest helps SEO – in fact if you search Google, sometimes in the top spot you’ll find Pinterest pages.

Even if you haven’t decided to use Pinterest – you need to do the following. List the ten questions you get the most from potential customers. These are individual to your business. You may get a list of the first five or so without even thinking about them and the next five may take a bit of time. But do take the time and then list them. Keep this list where you can find it easily.

2. Types of local business Pinterest posts.

Pinterest is all about pictures. Most people have a pretty good camera that they pack around in their pocket all day (their cell phone). If you don’t have any experience using it, start out by taking some pictures, practicing if you will.

Projects – take pictures of things you’re working on. Again this varies according to the business you’re in and could be anything from a cake you’ve just decorated to a plumbing job that you’ve just finished. Create a projects board. Take several pictures of each project, pin one picture a day to that board. In the description make sure you let folks know what it is, make sure that you link your website to the image.

People – folks that work for you and your customers. Make sure you get permission from your customers first before showing off their image anywhere. Images of your employees – make these candid of them ‘working’, doing what they’re best at. Customers – pose them next to whatever they’ve bought or whatever work that you’ve done for them. Example a landscaper would get a picture with the customers next to the pond you just installed. You would take pictures of the pond as it was installed, I would take pictures of the pond in various stages of development. Take pictures of the workers as they are working on it. Tell stories about your employeees, the more ‘human’ you make your company, the more folks will like it.

Graphices – you can use a graphics program (or a picture that you draw on) to answer some of those ten questions.

3. Coupons – make sure the coupon code is unique for pinterest.

Enjoy your pinning.

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