Planning for the Fall and Winter

It won’t be too long until the summer ends and right around the corner will be fall and then Christmas. Over the next few weeks we’ll give you some tips on getting ready.


What are you planning on pushing for this year? Even if you have a service based company you still have on opportunity of catching the rush of people that want to spend money.

We work with a plumbing company and have for years. Last year we came up with the idea of offering certificates. Everyone has plumbing, the only time you really think about it though is when something goes wrong and you have a mess. They offered an inspection and maintenance package. A unique idea, and it went over much better than expected.

Spend some time over the next week and think about what you could offer someone. Come up with four or five different ideas. If you sell retail products, you can think outside of the box too. Make the packaging you offer something unique and different.

Next time we’ll give you our ideas for a fictional company and tell you what you can do with it.

Enjoy your week and spend some time with your family this summer.

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