SEO Part 1 – Foundation

seo-foundationIf you’ve been following the steps on our blog for any length of time, you should already have most of these things in place, if not you’ll want to make sure to fix them first because they are very important.

  1. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly. Recently this has become even more important. You can check to see if your website is mobile friendly by visiting this site – Just put your url in the box and click analyze. The site will let you know if it finds any problems with your site, it will give you some possible solutions.
  2. Ensure that you have some way of tracking where your traffic is coming from. Google analytics is free. Our goal is to improve the rankings for our website, we do that in a number of different ways and all of them should lead to an increase in traffic. If you have a blog it takes you a few seconds to add analytics, make sure that you have the code on all of your pages and if possible set it up so you can track conversions and sales.


  1. What are your goals – don’t go broad but narrow. I am a big fan of goals. If you don’t have goals then you don’t know what direction you need to travel. My suggestion is to create an income goal, traffic goal, and goals for all of your social media accounts. Make a goal for the year and then break it down until you have a goal for each week.
  2. Webmaster tools – any errors? We talked about setting up webmaster tools – click here.
    Make sure you check it, it will let you know any error – fix them.
  3. Content – blog, social, videos. We’ve talked about content to – make at least three good content posts each week and share them on social media. Create at least one new video a week – share it on your social media and blog. Need content ideas – send us a note. Don’t have the time? Hire us to do it for you.

Next time we’ll talk about keywords / finding a competitor you want to target and get started.

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