seo-for-your-blogWe have a different kind of SEO / Marketing program. It is unique for every client, because your business is different. The six-month program will help you build traffic, but more importantly bring in more money for your business.

Month 1 – the first month is similar for every website and business. The focus is to find out where you are and where you want to be. Then we’ll create a plan to get us from point a to point b and then begin to implement the plan.

Assess – a complete assessment of your website and business. We want to learn how you’re making your money now, then we’ll take a look at your website, digging deep to find any SEO concerns. We’ll check how paid ad campaigns are working (or not). Next we’ll look at your social media, blogs, and other things that help bring your website traffic.

Research – your competition will be reviewed next. We’ll take a close look at what they’re doing right, but also areas they are weak in.

Goals – We’ll compile the assessment and research into a report (normally takes a couple of weeks) / we’ll make a video for you to review and then we’ll give you a phone call and talk. During this conversation we’ll come up with five or so mutual goals.

Plan – Based on the goals we made we’ll create a weekly / monthly plan and to do list for the next three months.

Implement – we get to work.


To explain things a little better we’ll use a fake business as an example of some things we can do for your business.  Bob sells snowballs. He has been selling them for a couple of years at a store front in his hometown. Around Christmas last year he decided he could sell more on the web (at least that’s what the salesman said) so he bought a website and last year he sold a grand total of 50 snowballs on the website. Currently he gets about a hundred visitors a month. He spent $1000 on Google Adwords advertising and he sold 30 that way. He spent $500 on Facebook ads and sold 10. The other ten he isn’t sure how he sold them. He hires us to help him.

He makes $20 profit for every snowball. He sells one type. He made $600 on Adwords, taking into account the advertising cost he lost $400. He made $200 on Facebook or $300 loss. His website has five pages, he has a Facebook page with 100 followers. We find that the 10 other sales came from Facebook traffic.

His competition online sells three different types of snowballs. Estimates show us he gets about 100 visits a day. They have had their web presence for five years. They have all the social media. They have ten pages on their website and don’t have a blog.

We present this information to Bob and decide on the following goals.

3 month goals –

-$500 profit in sales from all traffic.
-50 visits a day to the website from all sources.
-Figure out three money terms (buy terms that people will most likely use when they’re ready to buy).
-Add 100 new Facebook followers.
-Launch a Google Plus / Pinterest pages.

While Bob’s competition has a well optimized site there aren’t many ‘new’ pages. We create a blog for Bob’s site and then a posting guide for the next three months. We want to add a couple of new pages every week – mainly dedicated to questions people have about his snowball.

We pause all the ad campaigns for now and are do research for a Google Ad campaign next month. We also begin to post on Facebook every day. Research shows that the sales from Facebook came when he ran a discount. We create a Sales plan for the next six months – doing one big sale each month and then one smaller sale.

We train Bob and his staff so when someone calls they’ll know where they came from – either the web or from his store.

Month 2 –

Continue projects. Monthly video report – we video while we’re going through your analytics and other items. We focus on things that have improved and what we need to work on. Weekly Pay per click reports – a spreadsheet weekly that details spends, clicks, conversions and other important items in the pay per click campaigns we’re running.

Based on what are plan was in Month 1 we’ll do that work as well. This could include everything from working on finding partners, writing blog / Facebook posts, working on followers for all of your social media.


During the video for the month we review things that Bob was supposed to do. We also give him a reports of traffic and sales. We had also hinted that he might want to expand his product line, he gives us some ideas and we give him suggestions. He decides that he wants to launch the new snowball in a couple of months and we agree with him – tell him that we’ll plan some ads for around that time.

We begin the ad campaign this month. Blog posts have gone up nicely and we’ve worked on engaging more with the Facebook audience, encouraging them to share the post for a chance at a discount and many have. Facebook numbers have increased to 125. 5 new snowball orders came from that so the total new profit so far is $100. Visits have increased to ten / day.

We launch the Google Ads campaign – focusing on a few keywords the competition has been using for a long time. We figure that if they have been using them, then they must be bringing a good return on their investment.

Month 3

Continue projects. Monthly video report
Weekly Pay per click reports
Continue projects.


You can see how the example is working. Based on your business we focus on building on your strengths and improving on weaknesses.


Month 4

Beginning of month 4 we review the goals we made from after three months. If we have not accomplished at least one of the goals then you won’t be billed for Month 4.

Also you have the option before we begin this month to cancel the program and we have the option to cancel it as well.

We’ll create a plan for the next three months and begin implementing it this month.

Continue projects. Monthly video report
Weekly Pay per click reports
Continue projects.

Month 5 –

Continue projects. Monthly video report
Weekly Pay per click reports
Continue projects.


Month 6 –

Continue projects. Monthly video report
Weekly Pay per click reports
Continue projects.

At the end of month 6 – if we do not accomplish at least one of our goals, you’ll get an additional Month free of charge. Also at the end of the month we’ll send you a note with options of continuing our program.




$495 / month for six months. This DOES NOT include any advertising money for your website – those funds would be additional. We recommend at least $300+ for advertising.

You can save money – pay for five months now and we’ll give you a month free. $2475.00

How to get started.

Step 1 – click here to access a form, tell us about your business.

Step 2 – We’ll review it (takes about 24 hours), make sure it isn’t a conflict of interest with a client, ensure that you haven’t been banned and most important – can we help you. We’ll send you a non disclosure agreement. This forbids us to mention anything about your business to anyone and also you agree not to disclose any methods we use to market your website. We’ll also send you simple agreement – this is what we’ll do and this is what you’ll do. With this we’ll also send you payment links.

Step 3 – You review, sign, pay.

Step 4 – We start to work.



Why is your program so cheap?

Our goal is to show you how we can help your business. When we have proven that we can do that, we want to keep you as our client. Many of our clients we’ve had for ten plus years. Why? Because we get results for them.


What happens if we don’t make our goals?

If we don’t meet the beginning 4 month goal – you have the option of not continuing the program, or we can continue and give you one month free.

If we don’t reach the end of the 6 month goal – we’ll give you a month free.


What happens after six months.

You can continue the program – the price will be higher or you can discontinue the program. Any things we’ve done