Tips for Planning Your Website

Tips for Planning your Website

Tips for Planning your Website

Now that you’ve gotten your theme installed, you’re ready to start planning just a bit before we get into the fun part of building your website.

Pages you want to make sure that you have on your site.

Here are some page ideas.

Must Haves

Index – this is the first page visitors will normally come to when they are visiting your site.
About Us – focus on why people should trust you to work for them
Contact Us – list every way possible that someone can contact you
Privacy Policy – dull but needed from an SEO perspective – we’ll talk about how to do this for free in a video.
Terms of Service – same as above

Pages you need –

What are you selling – create how many pages you need to explain to prospective customers exactly what it is they need to buy from you.
Testimonials – best way to help ease the reluctance of people hitting the buy now button
FAQ – list your ten frequently asked questions
Blog – we’ll be talking much more about this.

Here’s a video with some discussion on what to include.

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