Tweaking your Template and Adding the first page to your Website

First WebPage

First WebPage

Today we’re going to be showing you how to start tweaking your template, so that it looks good. Something to note is that tweaking / tuning your template is an ongoing process. You can probably tell from the video that what we started with is not what we have now. We’ll also be adding our first page of content.

If you want to check out the content we had on our first pages – you can check that out here.

The video is here –

Highlights of what we did.

  1. To find out how to tweak your template – go to google – type in “Theme name tweaks”
  2. Log into your WordPress dashboard – www.yoursite/wp-admin will get you back to the dashboard.
  3. Some themes have required plugins to operate correctly. Near the top you’ll see something that says “This theme recommends (or requires) the following plugins. Click “Being Install Plugins”. You’ll reach a page with the specific plugins you’ll need to install.
  4. Click in the “Plugin” box at the top – that will highlight them all. Then under Bulk Actions highlight Install then click “Apply”.
  5. Activate all of the plugins. Click the Plugin box again, then click Activate and click Apply.
  6. Click Dashboard.
  7. Click Appearance and then Customize on the left Nav Bar. Play around with what you can change. If you want to make a Static Front page and your theme allows it, then do the following steps (7- 10)
  8. Click Pages (Add New)
  9. Write a good title – then put content into the box. You want at least 600 – 1000 words of content. You also want a couple of images (which we still need to do). When you’re finished make sure that you click “Publish” on the right hand side. Note the name of your new page.
  10. Go back to the customize page – add the page that you just created as your static page. Click at the top view your site and check out your new index page.
  11. To remove comments from your page – click “Pages” on the left nav bar – you should see a list of your pages. Click “Quick edit” below the name of the page. To the right you’ll see an option to remove comments, you’ll want to click that and people will no longer be able to add comments. I recommend that you do that with all of the static pages that you create.

Next we’ll work on getting our Google Analytics setup and Webmaster Tools as well as installing a couple of plug ins that will make life easier.

Some tips for what to write on the first page.

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