Week 3 – Content – the fuel for your traffic

Welcome to week three. I know we were supposed to talk about keywords today, but I’m going to modify the calendar just a bit and talk about something different…content.

Good content will help grow your online business more than anything else. I could list the ways it helps you but I think you know most of them already.

For our NCLEX business we are working on posting at list two pieces of content every week. You should plan on posting at least one new piece of content each week to your blog. If you don’t have a blog then that is something you should work on doing.

What to post – with our business we post useful content that people can use to help them pass their test. It allows the visitor to get some free content and also allows us to show them we know what we’re talking about. It surprises me when people say they have nothing to post. I think you would be surprised at how many articles you can post. Think about all of the questions people have before they purchase your product or service and after they do so.

If you can’t think about what you will be posting I would be glad to help you out. Join our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/localdesignandseo/ then you can message me with the following: the url of your website and the goal for your site.

Here is some ideas for posting – http://www.webpageplanner.com/ideas-for-blog-posts-8-things-to-do

When to post – it doesn’t matter what day you post, I recommend if you post once a week, then you post about the same time and the same day every week. People will begin to follow you and when they do, they’ll expect you to post.

How to use it – After you have posted it to the blog, then you’ll want to make sure to link the blog post on all of your social media sites. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and others. If it is a really good article then why not make the content into a Youtube vide.

What if I can’t write – the best thing to do is hire someone locally that can write. Speak to your local high school English teachers and ask them if they know someone that can write. You should be able to get a good article written that way for $20 or $30. You can also ask one of your employees if they would like to write – make sure to pay them a bit more or give them some kind of benefit, that lets them know this project is important.

Another way you can do this is find a writer online – but prices can vary from 50 cents a word to way more than that, or you can do it the cheap way, but then you run the risk of getting a barely readable article.

Make a schedule – we have included a schedule which you can download here. Media-Plan

A reminder of how to post on your blog can be found here – http://www.webpageplanner.com/how-to-seo-a-blog-post

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